Our fantastic school trip in London: so exciting!

This year, from 3rd to 9th of May, our school organized a school trip in London. It’s the dream city of all young people. We were very exciting. We departed at about 10 o’clock from Fiumicino airport and we arrived in London. We were accompanied to our hostel by bus. The hostel was in Lewisham, a neighbourhood near London.

We went to school at 9 o’clock but on Saturday and on Sunday we didn’t go to school. Teachers divided us according our English language level. The lessons were like our lessons with mother language!

In the afternoon we visited London: we visited a lot of places like B

ritish Museum, Museum of London, Science Museum. We had a fantastic view of London from London Eye and we could admire the pictures in the National Gallery and we visited some important parks like Hyde Park. We went to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Tower Bridge. We went in the fantastic Oxford Street for shopping and in China Town. Someone of us went to Harry Potter platform, where you could take pictures and near the platform there was Harry Potter’s shop.

In London we could eat “fish and chips”, a typical dish. It was very tasty!

For someone of us it was the first time that they went abroad, so it was very exciting.

We loved this school trip because the places were amazing and

people in London were so helpful. We stayed there only a week but we think that we could improve our English.

A special thanks to our teachers L. Trusso, E. Hernandez, L. Spinucci who made unforgettable this school trip.


Evelin Andreucci I B

Marika Caccetta I B

Michela Costa I B

Ludovica Farsetti I B

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